Call of Duty 

Rules & Terms

Call of duty: Search and destroy



At the beginning of a round one team is assigned as the attacking team while the other is assigned as the defending team. Players only get one life per round. You get 5 rounds each side, with the total of 10 rounds in both attack and defense. First to win 6 rounds will be the winning team. Discuss and change the Number of rounds accordingly.

  • Maximum 5 players per team
  • 45 minutes (105 seconds) per round
  • total 10 rounds (5 attack and 5 defense)
  • 45 seconds to defuse the bomb if planted. After 45 seconds the bomb will be automatically exploded.
  • First team to win 6 rounds wins the match Discuss and change the Number of rounds
  • Respawning is disabled. only 1 life per player per round. can spectate other team members till the round ends. 
  • Half time commences after every 5 rounds. (Side switching)

Attacking team (5 rounds)

The goal is for an attacking side to either eliminate the defending team or detonate either one of two bomb sites (Bomb site A or B). There is a bomb located close to where the attacking team spawns, which can only be carried by one player at a time. The bomb is dropped on the ground when the player carrying it is killed. The timer starts ticking as soon the round begins. Your team got 105 seconds to either eliminate all enemy players or destroy the objective. Plant the bomb on one of two objectives, indicated by an A or B, then defend it until there is not enough time to defuse it. 

To win:

  • Eliminate all enemy players
  • Destroy one of two objectives by planting the bomb and hold until it explodes. (45 seconds once planted)

Defending team

The goal is for a defending side to either eliminate the attacking team or defend the objectives.

Eliminate all enemies, let time run out, or defuse a planted bomb. Even if all enemies are eliminated after the bomb is armed, the attackers can still win the round if the bomb explodes. Victory is achieved as soon as the bomb is defused regardless of how many attackers are still alive. If no bomb sites are destroyed, the defending team wins if the time limit is reached regardless of how many defenders and attackers are left alive. The defending team can also win if neither site is bomb-planted within the time limit, and at least one defender is still alive.

To win:

  • Eliminate all enemy players
  • Defend both objectives until the time runs out. (105 seconds)
  • Defuse the bomb if the bomb is planted. (45 seconds)



(Crash/Crossfire/Backlot/Strike/City streets)

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