Sage Standardized Dashboards

Experience efficiency and insights with ZILLIONe’s Standard Dashboards. Designed to address basic and common analytical requirements, our pre-built dashboards offer replaceable databases, easily connectable to your Sage system. Enhance data visibility and transform your information into actionable intelligence effortlessly.

Expense Insights for Sage 300 Dashboard

Serves as your reliable guide for managing expenditures and boosting expansion. This tool delivers a sublime analysis of your organisation’s spending patterns. By emphasizing overall costs, the business intelligence data boosts your comprehension of your expenditure. Powered by Sage, it enables leaders to make key strategic decisions.

Sales Insights for Sage 300 Dashboard

A dynamic visual representation of critical sales performance metrics and data. Designed to provide a comprehensive overview of an organization´s sales activities, this powerful tool enables sales teams, managers, and executives to track performance, make informed data-driven decisions, and in real time.