Our Services

Strong suite of support services for products and solutions are essential to ensure we deliver on client’s requirements. We offer a range of services to ensure our clients get the best return on their technology investments. 

What We Offer


Consulting & BPR

Understand your business requirements, objectives, challenges and recommend appropriate technology solutions. Consulting solutions range between ERP, CRM, HR, Microsoft, software development and more. Capable of performing strategic business process re-engineering exercises.

Custom Software Development

Need solutions unique to your business or industry? Have a specific operational solution that needs to be solved? Tap into our development services. Our in-house team of development specialists can analyse your requirement and build custom solutions. We can develop enterprise applications, responsive web apps and mobile apps for your business.

Implementation / Integration

Introducing new solutions within an organization can be a challenge. Our aim is to simplify this process.

Our implementation / integration experts can support you with their technical know-how and/or by building integration systems.

Full suite of services offered from building, deploying and maintaining solutions.


Standard solutions (ERP, CRM or more) can be customized to suit your specific business needs.

These could be modifications to match your workflow or alterations to integrate new features.

Our dev teams can enable this for you. From identifying needs, planning for and coding additional custom requirements.

Maintenance & Tech Support

Post implementation maintenance and on-going support is essential to keep solutions running smoothly.

Our support teams are ready to assist when required to ensure businesses operations do not get disrupted.



Licensing is a key service for our global solutions and products.

Our licensing service eliminates the need for businesses to waste time managing licenses of software products.

We provide licensing services for SAGE, Microsoft and Dynamics products, ensuring your software runs seamlessly.

‘Tailored Fit’ approach to problem solving. Intricately study, define your business problem and devise optimal solutions. Tap into our consulting and development experts. 

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