Business Central Standard Dashboards

Experience efficiency and insights with ZILLIONe’s Standard Dashboards. Designed to address basic and common analytical requirements, our pre-built dashboards offer replaceable databases, easily connectable to your Business Central system. Enhance data visibility and transform your information into actionable intelligence effortlessly.

Expense Insights for Business Central Dashboard

Your trusted companion for navigating costs and accelerating growth. This powerful tool provides versatile insights into your organization’s expense behavior. By visualizing total expenses, the dashboard enhances your understanding of financial outflows. Powered by Business Central data, it empowers decision-makers to drive major strategic choices.

Revenue Insights for Business Central Dashboard

Your compass for navigating the revenue landscape. Powered by real-time data from Business Central, this dynamic tool offers a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s revenue performance. From monitoring key metrics to making informed decisions, the Revenue Dashboard propels your business towards sustained success