Dashboards Help Page(Appsource)


To install the application, you must possess a Power BI Pro license to install Power BI Template Apps within your organization’s Microsoft Power BI service. Explore further details about Power BI Template Apps here. 

Installation Instructions 

Access the AppSource product catalog at https://appsource.microsoft.com or access it through the Microsoft AppSource Power BI add-ins from the Power BI file menu. 


This option opens a window where you can search for the Expense ‘Insights for Business Central by ZILLIONe 

Sample Dataset Viewing 

When the installation is completed, the app will appear as a workspace on your Power BI Service. Click on the dataset (Semantic model) within that workspace as follows. 

It will direct you to the following page view. 

Select the required table from the right pane to view the data in a table view. 

Database Replacing 

Navigate to the dataset settings within the workspace as follows.

Expand the Parameters dropdown to replace the parameters. Replace your Database Server Name and Database Name to complete configuration. 

How to identify Environment Parameter 

  • Sign in to your Business Central  
  • Select Environment on your top right 

How to identify company parameter 

When Apply is selected, your data would flow seamlessly into the app and it can be utilized immediately