40 Years Legacy of ZILLIONe

Sep 27, 2019 | News

The year 2019 marks our 40 year anniversary since ZILLIONe was established back in 1979 and grew into being the 2nd oldest Sri Lankan owned IT company in Sri Lanka.

Since then ZILLIONe has maintained a steady momentum to become the number 1 IT company in Sri Lanka offering Business Applications, Infrastructure and Software Development Solutions to enterprises in Sri Lanka and overseas. ZILLIONe’s area of specialization includes Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Customer Relationship Management System, Human Resource Management Solution, Microsoft Solutions, Network and Security Solutions, Unified Communication Solutions and Software Development.

Today, ZILLIONe is led by Founder & Chairman, Suresh Tharmarajah who started his career as an intern, programming at a very young age and built his way towards being one of the most successful IT business owners in the country, maintaining his drive to push the business to new heights.

Having grown to a 130+ team from a minimum team of 15, the organization’s success has been built on trust, loyalty, partnerships, professionalism, competence, passion and a commitment to offering an optimum service under the ‘customer first’ motto. ZILLIONe is comprised of a passionate team with ambitions and strategic plans of further growth, where it will keep striving towards success with its extraordinary experience gained in the past.

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