ZILLIONe Technologies hosts ‘A secure workstation with Microsoft Windows 10’

Mar 31, 2019 | News

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Zillione Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd, recently hosted a workshop in partnership with Microsot titled ‘A secure workstation with Microsoft’ at the Hilton Colombo Residencies. This star studded event which was conducted under topic of ‘Security Capabilities of Windows 10 Enterprise Solutions’ included several important topics which were discussed at the forum, these included Defender ATP, Secure Boot and Credentials Guard. While it is a given that approximately 90% of the Sri Lankan businesses have their framework deep rooted in Windows packages, it is important that they also keep abreast with the latest improvement which are implemented by the company and which will avail them to be aligned with modern and faster Windows upgrades which are been developed. Many of Zillione’s partners and top notch corporates and banks were among the gathering which launched this new phase of Windows 10.

The event was graced by Mr. Udesh Dayarathne – Business Manager – Security & Compliance and Mr. Gayan Abeygunawardena – Consultant – Microsoft Solutions who addressed the gathering, briefing them on the importance of Windows 10 enterprise solutions and its functionalities. Yet another important topic which was addressed and caught the attention of the audience was the efficiency in Microsoft Windows 10’s operations cost. This discussion also stemmed a ‘curious streak’ in those who are currently not using such packages to take a decision to migrate to Windows 10 Enterprise Solutions. The evening which concluded with the gathering mingling could be deemed as a success in bringing Sri Lanka up to the latest platform in Enterprise Solutions, making it current and on par with many of its counterparts.