ZILLIONe Technologies Exceeds 1 Billion Revenue for the Financial Year

Mar 22, 2019 | News

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March 2019 has brought one of the greatest highlights for the ZILLIONe Group, as ZILLIONe Technologies has achieved the milestone of exceeding a revenue of 1 billion for the current financial year, while the group turnover exceeded 1 billion for the financial year in January 2019.

ZILLIONe started as SKC Computers with an employee count of just 32 members at its inception in 1979, and was later a subsidiary of Carson Cumberbatch PLC, with an annual turnover of just 17 million. Today we have grown to become a recognizable organization in the ICT industry in Sri Lanka, as a completely locally owned company.

ZILLIONe’s conscious approach to diversify and expand its operations, led to ZILLIONe Technologies being formed as a subsidiary of ZILLIONe in the year 2002 with a focus on Microsoft Enterprise Solutions. Appointed as the first Microsoft certified partner in the country, ZILLIONe Technologies has had a tremendous journey over the last 17 years with multiple peaks and valleys. Now, we are proud to announce that the company has experienced a rapid growth over the past 5 years. To grow from a revenue of 9 million to 100 million in 13 years, and to 1 billion in the next 5 years is a testament to the continuous effort and commitment from our dedicated employees and the unwavering support of the management.