3 Reasons Why Every CEO Should be Tech Savvy

The importance of technology was denied by every one of us at some point in our lives. Becoming tech-savvy didn’t seem to be a pressing requirement in order to be successful. Becoming a business leader was about strategy, risk taking and excellent PR skills. There was always going to be someone in “operations or administration” to take care of the computers and emails.

This was the reality a few decades ago. However, in the current context tech-leadership has become a defining factor for every individual striving to become a leader in any industry. If you are still wondering if it is worth investing time and effort to engage with technology, here are three reasons why you should stop second guessing!

Tech-Talk is always a great conversation starter!

Not to confuse with Ted Talks, Tech-Talk or conversation revolving around technology is one of the most stimulating discussion points at present. Whether you attend a business meeting, a conference or a sales pitch, there is always going to be talk about the new phone, app, operating system or AI product that was launched to the market. These conversations are likely to become free consultations on how to improve your business.

What’s the newest software that businesses use to automate their processes?
How are computerized bots changing sales games around the world?

At least a little insight into these topics will help you engage better with everyone else and also
allow you to take away more from the conversations.

Your staff consists of individuals born and bread in the world of tech

If you are hoping to recruit young talent, chances are that all of your new team members come from a world dominated by technology. Their ideas are going to be based in tech, the way they present their ideas to you are going to be driven by technology and their sense of fulfilment as employees will depend on how tech-friendly your brand is.

Companies and CEOs that refuse to embrace technology are constantly at risk of losing great people. Young people don’t like to work for brands that lack enthusiasm to evolve, and technology is the fastest evolving thing there is.

Your sales figures, efficiency, productivity – you name it – tech can make it all better.

There are an extensive number of case studies that talk about businesses that have experienced phenomenal growth after welcoming tech based solutions to their every day operations. While the tools to make this happen are readily available, the critical factor is the decision to allow these tools to be integrated into the business.

These decisions are going to be made by CEOs. If you are a CEO who doesn’t have the right knowledge to make the right call about technology, the effort required to achieve your growth KPIs are going to be way more costly than it will be with right tech decisions.

Ready to embrace technology and become a new generation business leader? Tell us how you want to improve your business and we will direct you on how best to do it with technology.