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SAP Business ByDesign provides a complete ERP, CRM and HRM system in a unified cloud enabled SaaS system.

Enjoy a seamless ERP Journey with ZILLIONe who is the most trusted partner in digital transformation.ZILLIONe is a trusted partner for digital transformation with over 40 years of implementation experience and 25 years of industry exposure. Our certified consultants are well within the industry standards and will guide you towards the project success.SAP ByDesign is an end-to-end ERP solution that will integrate your entire business with;

SAP ByDesign Areas

Financial Management

Get a single, up-to-date view of your financial condition by integrating core business processes and financials. The SAP Business ByDesign solution lets you keep track of payables and receivables, payment and liquidity, inventory and fixed assets, taxes and expenses, and compliance and reporting. Streamline period-end closing and make batter-informed financial decisions every day of the year.

Financial Management encompasses the following sections:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial and Management Accounting

Supply Chain Management

Build an efficient supply chain so you can respond quickly to changing markets. The SAP Business ByDesign solution enables you to optimize material flow by managing demand and supply. Design, set up, and execute flexible warehouse and manufacturing processes to fit your products and business model and gain maximum insight into your business. Increase collaboration with your customers and suppliers.

Supply Chain Management encompasses the following sections

  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain Setup Management
  • Supply Chain Planning and Control
  • Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management Task Types

Supply Relationship Management

Strengthen your relationships with suppliers and improve your procurement processes to reduce costs and turn suppliers into a competitive advantage. The SAP Business ByDesign solution helps you identify and manage the best suppliers for materials and services. Gain insight into order management, supplier invoicing, and purchase requests. Enable individual employees to perform self-service procurement and streamline operations.


Supplier Relationship Management encompasses the following sections:

  •       Sourcing
  •       Purchasing

Supplier Relationship Management Task Type 

Customer Relationship Management

Span marketing, sales, and service activities. The SAP Business ByDesign solution helps you exploit the right opportunities and maximize customer satisfaction and revenue. Centralized operational data that is integrated with other business areas lets you speed sales cycles, bring in revenue faster, and control costs.

Customer Relationship Management encompasses the following sections

  • Marketing: Ensure solid sales pipelines with one-click access to personalized customer information. Gain the ability to manage lead generation, lead qualification and campaigns with ease.
  • Sales: Sell more effectively with complete sales force automation of contacts, opportunities, offers and invoices.
  • Service: Drive customer engagement with user-friendly and built-in tools needed to boost customer satisfaction.

Project Management

The SAP Business ByDesign solution helps your organization achieve optimal efficiency and transparency in its management of projects – from end to end. SAP Business ByDesign enables collaboration within a project team. Project managers can plan and structure projects the way they want, with instant access to the tools and visibility required to ensure efficient execution and ongoing control.


The Project Management business area is relevant if you need support for:

  •       Project Planning and Execution
  •       Accounting for Projects


  •       Project Management is tightly integrated with your operational and financial areas.
  •       You can manage a wide range of projects from simple to complex.
  •       You get interactive and graphical views of your projects.
  •       Your employees, partners, and management collaborate better.
  •       You have fast access to data, including information about project progress, deviations, and resource consumption.

Human Resource Management

Helps ensure efficient and effective HR operations to maximize the potential of your employees. With the SAP Business ByDesign solution, employees get personalized business portals tailored to their job functions, and self-service features to streamline execution of daily tasks. You can adapt HR services to changing business needs by adding, enhancing, and automating processes, including workloads, personnel, and payroll.

Human resources encompasses the following sections

      • Human Resources: Personnel Administration, Time Administration, Compensation, Payroll Processing, Resource Management, Data Privacy Management
      • Employee Self-Service
      • Human Resources Task:

SAP ByDesign Areas

Discrete Manufacturing

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Warehouse and Logistics
    • Demand Management
    • Production Execution
    • Manage BOMs
    • Recipe Management

Discrete Manufacturing

    • Manage Work Instructions/ Shifts
    • View Product Genealogy
    • Measure Equipment Effectiveness
    • Actual Costs and Estimates
    • Quality Control
    • Built-in Real Time Analytics


    • SAP Business ByDesign integrates all the functions of an educational institution and digitally store all the data over a unified database allowing quick data flow without extensive paperwork.
    • Integrated functions of an educational institution include: 
      1. Finance
      2. Admission
      3. Inventory
      4. Examination


    • With changing technology and heavy investment needed to constantly evolve telecommunication products and services, it is imperative that the business is agile, flexible and able to react to market changes and customer demands. This can be achieved through real time analytics that are built into the business processes.
    • Benefits of SAP ByDesign for a telecommunication company:


    • SAP Business ByDesign helps pharmaceuticals companies optimize their supply chain, comply with business and industry requirements, improve forecast accuracy and drive operational efficiency while adhering to good manufacturing practices.

Food and Beverage

    • SAP ByDesign helps to manufacture food and beverage products while tackling business challenges and providing benefits in the following areas:
      1. Purchase operations
      2. Makes formulation easier
      3. Increased visibility
      4. Discount management
      5. Resource-based production
      6. Quality checks


    • SAP ByDesign is a fully integrated suite that assits engineering industry in the following areas:
    1. Project management
    2. Financials
    3. Human resource management
    4. Supply chain management
    5. Procurement
    6. Customer relationship management
    7. Compliance management


      • SAP Business ByDesign Solution features include:
        1. Powerful analytics and role-based dashboards to improve decision making
        2. Seamless integration across functional silos
        3. Fexible and adaptable cloud-based software system that expands with your business
        4. Accessible mobile solutions for managing your business and improving customer service anytime, anywhere


        • SAP Business ByDesign, the cloud based ERP software is designed for retail companies with several small Point of Sales which sell own products, represents other brands and/or have bought franchises.
        • The following business areas are covered by SAP Business ByDesign:
          1. Point of Sales Transactions
          2. Sourcing and purchasing
          3. Supply Chain Planning and Control
          4. Inventory Management
          5. Cash Flow Management
          6. Financial and Management Accounting
          7. Travel and Expenses
          8. Personnel Management


            • Inbound delivery processing
            • Outbound delivery processing
            • Intracompany stock transfer processing


                • Intercompany stock transfer
                • Inventory notifications
                • Cancel a released outbount delivery


              • SAP ByDesign empowers automotive companies to accelerate in the following areas which helps drive market share growth in a highly competitive global market:
                1. Accelerate product innovation
                2. Improves quality
                3. Reduces manufacturing costs
                4. Sell and service vehicles more profitably


              • This package is oriented to Service Industry with projects and inventory control. The service industry with projects and inventory control package based on SAP Business ByDesign covers the following business areas:
                1. Sales of projects, materals and services
                2. Sourcing and purchasing
                3. Subcontracting
                4. Supply chain planning and control
                5. Warehousing and logistics
                6. Project management and project accounting
                7. Cash flow management
                8. Financial and management accounting
                9. Travel expenses management
                10. Internal and external resource management

              Professional Services

                • Small and midsize professional services companies are turning to technology to advance their business goals. SAP Business ByDesign offers end-to-end project to pay scenario in one system that merges operational and financial data. Reasons for selecting SAP ByDesign include:
                1. Suite in a box
                2. Insightful
                3. Built for growth
                4. Continuous innovation

              Wholesale Distributor

                • Use the latest technology and analytics to improve everything from demand planning and CRM to inventory and supply chain management. Plan, source, stock, sell, recover, and analyse – all in one unified IT platform. And run flexible, tightly integrated processes to achieve operational excellence. Meet business challenges head on with smart ERP technology for the wholesale distribution sector. SAP Business ByDesign will help you to:
                1. Manage global growth
                2. Expand into new markets
                3. Delight customers everytime
                4. Keep tight control over product quality and operations


                • SAP ByDesign solution aim to enable healthcare services providers to make informed decisions, minimise risks, gain end-to-end business automation, and deliver cost-effective care – ultimately unlocking an intelligent enterprise. Transform your Healthcare Business with SAP ByDesign:
                1. Contract management
                2. Supply chain management
                3. Integration
                4. Lot and serial management
                5. Inventory management
                6. Purchasing
                7. Mobility
                8. Financial management
                9. Customer relationship management
                10. Point of Sale

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