Being in the ERP industry for the past few years it is evident how much Enterprise Resource Planning is being the head of delivering efficiency and productivity to companies all over the world. It has become a backbone in the global, competitive environment showcasing how vital it is for companies to have a good ERP in place. Enterprise resource planning guarantees transparency to monitor the entire business operation on a real-time basis.

Third Stage Consulting Group one of IT industry’s leading experts had released the Top 10 ERPs for 2020. And to no surprise X3 has made a new entry coming in the Top 5. Let us look at why this product is booming in the market across the globe these days compared to other conventional ERPs.

How does Sage Business Cloud X3 stand out?

Visualization of Data: The ability to create and customize your own dashboards. This product gives the freedom to showcase the data based on trigger events. X3 has a built-in library of over 400 reports provided as standard, which includes legal reports. The data collections can be filtered as per the users’ requirements. Thus, allowing us to visualize the workflows within the company and collect the data within a click. 

Workflows being Streamlined: Sage X3 offers control on several phases of your business, be it lead acquisition to customer shipment and completion notifications at various stages if needed. By being able to centralize these processes, it leads to the automation of workflows, and the time required to manually enter data can be spared. For example, when a particular transaction is done in the system, Sage X3 can generate an invoice based on the data fed into the system and transmit it to the customer. 

Security of Information: In this industry there are multiple security standards such as LDAP, OAuth2 and SAML2. Sage X3 is compatible with all the latest standards. Modifications can be traced, and user accessibility can be set at different levels enabling employees to view/access information that relates to their workflows. 

Capability of Integration: The key component of this tool is the ability to integrate. It can be easily paired with other Sage products. Integration of external services can also be done as a customization to the solution with APIs. 

Ease of Accessibility: This solution can be accessed via Android and iOS devices. It uses an HTML5 interface that permits personalization of the user wants to view it. Cloud-based software is an option, this would give access to Sage X3 anytime and anywhere if opted for that deployment method. 

Industry Expertise

Sage Business Cloud X3 is apt for companies of all sizes running business in a variety of industries. This solution is both on-premise and cloud based. Sectors such as distribution, process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, chemicals, professional services, and F&B will largely benefit from this tool. X3 contains industry specific tools such as warehouse monitoring, logistics and compliance adherence to name a few which would be highly relevant to the industries listed.

Budgeting and Accounting: Tax management is available.

Purchasing: Calculation of re-ordering is available.

Sales Management:Transactions across different sites can be done automatically within Sage X3. It is also compliant with EU Exchange of goods declaration. 

Inventory Management:This tool has multi-site, multi-company, multi-warehouse support. This allows on the tracking and management in multiple geographic locations. Quality Control features are also available. Assists in tracking and preparation of stock movements.

BOM Planning

Quality Control:Expiration date management is available

Shop Floor Control:This component accounts for both direct and indirect labor. User will be able to track actual and elapsed time spent on tasks. Entry of labor factors such as break time and attendance are included allowing for the transparency of how efficiently the task is being done.

MRP & MPS: Material requirement planning for raw materials, and Master production scheduler is a strong component available in Sage X3. MRP uses Safety Stock, EOQ, technical lot and reorder policy.

Market leader in the making

Sage X3 has a good hold in the mid-market manufacturing and distribution space already and is continually growing in the industry. In the upcoming future it has the capability to come in the top three. It is also proven to be effectively implemented at a reasonable cost. This product has transitioned to becoming an ERP that is able to handle complex manufacturing and supply chain requirements with its native framework that supports immense flexibility.


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